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GAPS Intro Diet: Update #2

by Beth Wiles on October 14, 2011 · 4 comments

Today is one day before the halfway point through our 30 days of the Intro Challenge!!  Yeah!!  We moved on through the rest of Stage 2 and on into Stage 3 this past week.

I am very excited about moving to Stage 3 since we are now able to include FRESH HERBS in cooking!  I love to cook and use lots of fresh herbs, particuarly my garden basil, cilantro and chives.  We also were able to introduce scrambled eggs — after testing for sensitivity to the egg whites, which we tolerate just fine.

If you’ve arrived here and have no clue what the GAPS Diet is all about, here are my other posts that will help explain what this is all about:
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Here is a rundown of our experience this week:

DAY 8 — We both felt great today!  We had a busy day with a trip to our favorite meat supplier, Moody’s Meats in Zionsville, IN (owners of the farm in Ladoga, IN).  It was their Customer Appreciation Day for that store location, and I had ordered my weekly ‘standing order’ to be picked up.  We even had energy to start working on concrete floor prep for the basement tiling project  as we work on our home to prepare for putting it up for sale in the next month.

DAY 9 — We had another good day with some energy issues off and on as we worked on the floors — we started tiling the bedroom in the basement.  We enjoyed a delicious beef brisket that slowly cooked all day long.

DAY 10 — We both had a busy day and had decent energy, no headache.  My husband traveled out of town, so I packed up jars of broth, soup, sauerkraut, ginger tea, and a package of leftover brisket meat so he would have food for the entire day.  I was away in the morning for volunteer work in my church’s bookstore and had to look at special coffee drinks and had to package up muffins (the huge sweet ones that are served in coffee shops) to be stored in the freezer.  Oh, what fun it is to look at foods that are forbidden!

DAY 11 — My husband was a bit low on energy and a bit headachey, but we decided that he needs to be sure to drink more water. It is easy to not get enough with so much liquid for our meals! We’ve both lost a good bit of weight, which is very typical of the experience on this diet.  That is what happens when you eliminate all grains and sugars from the diet.  I’m keeping a close eye on my husband’s weight, since he had already lost 11 lbs. in the previous year and does not need to lose any more weight. Often I have to remind him to eat and make sure he gets something to eat.  I am including plenty of fats with his foods to help with that, as well.  This diet is one that will see weight loss in the Intro, but as people proceed through the diet, typically the weight will normalize.

DAY 12 — This was an exciting day — we had scrambled eggs for the first time since starting on the Intro!  Yeah!!  I love eggs for breakfast and am glad to see that we’ll gradually be getting back to a more ‘traditional’ breakfast that we enjoy over the next couple of weeks!  :)

DAY 13 — Today we introduced our first ‘pancake’!!  Now, hold on…. before you get too excited!  This is not a normal pancake, but one made with:  1 egg, 1 small zucchini squash (peeled and de-seeded), and 2 tablespoons organic peanut butter.  I also put some finely sliced fresh cilantro leaves in the batter. These were fried up in plenty of ghee (clarified butter) and eaten without any topping.  I loved eating this with some of my caramelized onions and sauerkraut!

DAY 14 — Today we did not introduce any new food yet, but will be introducing avocado for the first time tomorrow.  Tomorrow is also our last day in Stage 3!  We’ll be so happy to move forward into Stage 4 on Day 16 — we’ll be able to move away from boiled meat and will add in grilled or roasted meats!!

To date I have lost 8 lbs., and my husband has lost 6 lbs.

Here are a few photos of some of our meals this past week:

GAPS Diet Stage 3 Scrambled Eggs

GAPS Diet Creamy Beef and Mushroom Soup

I encourage you to let me know what you think! Have you heard of this diet before? Have you thought of trying to get started on it, but hesitated for some reason?

Be sure to comment below and connect with me on Facebook and Twitter! I look forward to this next week and will update you soon! Thank you for stopping by.

Yours in Health,

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John Paul Dauber from Fontana mls October 19, 2011

Thanks for the update! It seems like your meals are starting to pick up. By the way, that is one weirdly good pancake. :) Also it looks like you guys are adjusting fairly well to this diet.
John Paul Dauber@Fontana mls recently posted..Loan modification negotiation can be very frustrating


Beth Wiles October 21, 2011

Hello again John Paul,

I’m glad you’re enjoying following along with our progress. Yes, our meals are starting to pick up!! :) We are adjusting well, and normally don’t have any issues with hunger or feeling deprived at all. Look for my next update to be posted in the next 24 hours!



Jazmine October 24, 2011

It looks scary what your eating there, I’ve never heard that kind of diet. But i’m pretty sure it was so helpful and healthy diet. Thank you for sharing Beth.
Jazmine recently posted..Difficulty Getting Pregnant


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